Sorrento veduta panoramica

Sorrento veduta panoramica

Sorrento veduta panoramica

Sorrento veduta panoramica

Sorrento veduta panoramica

Sorrento veduta panoramica

Sorrento veduta panoramicaSorrento veduta panoramicaSorrento veduta panoramica



The apartment is situated in Via dell’Accademia 36,  in a quiet pedistrian area  just a few steps from sites that made Sorrento famous all over the world.

It’s possible to reach by foot the St. Francis’s cloister, the Cathedral, The Sedil Dominova, The Old Walls etc…. To reach Capri, Ischia or Naples, the harbour is just 400 mt. by foot from the apartment, the same distance to reach the railway station to Pompei, Ercolano, Vesuvio mountain and Paestum.

From the railways station is also possible to take “Sita” buses to the Amalfi coast or the “Citysightseeing” bus to visit the Sorrento Peninsula.


Angelina House offers you a relaxing holiday far from the car pollution of a city.


You can ask others tourist informations to Giovanna,  always friendly to hers customers.



Situated at the top of Valle del Dragone, it’s a “garden-city”  where you can admire wonderful and indescribable landscapes. From many centuries lots of  travellers, intellectuals and artists of all nationalities  have been attracted from the beauty of this site, as : Boccaccio, Wagner and many others.

Ravello was a residence of Roman Patricians and, as Amalfi, knew its maximum splendour between the X and XIII century thanks to the intense maritime trade and the production of tissues (wool and cotton). The decline came with the Normanni of Ruggero and their domination and especially with the invasion of  Pisani in 1337. They took off the economic and politics independence in all the Amalfi coast.

Ravello Garden near Sorrento


Paestum  an old city near Angelina House

It’s an old city  situated along the Tirreno coast at the south of Salerno.

Paestum was one of the main centre of the Magna Grecia. The oldest uman settlements are dated from the Paleolithic; more testimonials are dated in the Bronze’s Age. During the 600 a.C., Greeks settlers from Sibari, founded a city named Poseidonia, and built the big sanctuary of Era in the north along the mouth of the river Sele. At the end of V century a.C  Paestum was conquered from Lucani. With them Paestum lived a period of prosperity and reached the maximum territorial expansion;  in 273 a.C it was a Roman colony and changed the name with the actually one. In the imperial Age, Paestum began a long and gradual decline until the final abandonment  in the VIII.


Amalfi and his charming coast

Amalfi and this coast is today a charming site rich of history and traditions with modern and comfortable buildings where it’s possible to spend a relaxing holiday pleinty of emotions. Its origins are dated in the I century d.C, when Roman aristocracy built the first homes (Roman villas ) in the area. Amalfi and its coast became a lush and refined centre thanks the trade by sea in all the Mediterranean . Amalfi had an important commercial and military fleet, infact it instituted the first code of the sailors of West. One of the best sailors was Flavio Gioia, inventor of the compass.


Capri is a limestone island. The coast, with its Dolomite walls on the sea, hides wonderful caves and it’s surrounding from rocks with fantastic forms.

The Mount Tiberio (334 mt.) at the east, and Mount Solaro (589 mt.) at the west, are the main mountains. From Marina Grande  (in the north side) to Marina Piccola  (in the south side) there’s the city centre of Capri. The other village in the island is Anacapri (286 mt.) situated in the wide green plain in the west of Monte Solaro.